Replacing LCD Glass on a Tablet

A cracked glass or screen could impair the function and visibility of a tablet. Social media, texts, images, and other information displayed on the screen become compromised and don't appear to have the same quality. Screen replacement may be required to resume normal and quality use of the Samsung Galaxy or any other smart device.

How do you remove the glass from the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3?

The complexity of the replacement process will vary based on experience. It can take between 30 minutes to an hour to successfully remove the LCD screen or digitizer. It is important to practice caution, as the glass screen is fragile, and you don't want to damage it during the process of fixing it. Ensure that you have all the necessary repair parts on hand before beginning. Also, make certain that each part is compatible with the Galaxy Tab 3. Using parts that are not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 could lead to further damage to the device. Here are a few steps to follow.

  • Power the device off
  • Remove the back
  • Remove the battery
  • Remove the frame of the screen
  • Heat the screen to prep it for removal
  • Remove the screen
  • Apply new screen

How do you replace the touchscreen glass?

Screen digitizer replacement can be done once the original screen has been successfully removed. Replacing the glass with a new one gives it a crisp display with color clarity. It only takes a few minutes to appropriately attach the LCD replacement once the damaged one has been removed. It is advised to not rush the replacement steps, but to execute them slowly to result in an accurate alignment. Here are the steps to consider.

  • The new screen has an inner plastic film attached, remove it and discard
  • Remove any covers that are on the sticky edges to allow the framed area to be attached properly
  • Double check that all holes for the LED and camera are properly aligned. Failure to skip this step runs the possibility of covering the camera lens
  • Finally, press the edges of the screen replacement tightly into the tablet's frame

How do you clean your LCD display?

It is essential to keep the viewing area of your tablet clean for proper viewing. Unless a keyboard is attached, primary use utilizes the fingertips or a touch pen. It is easy for the glass area to become covered in fingerprints and other material. Cleaning the device is simple with these few tips.

  • Use a soft cloth instead of paper, as paper could scratch the surface of the glass causing impairment in viewing
  • Never use cleaning agents or chemicals that are not designed for monitors or touchscreens
  • Consider keeping the device in a protective cover or using a protective cover to minimize dust or dirt build-up