Detroit Diesel Industrial Generators

Diesel generators represent an important step between the power grid and the user. Industrial Diesel generatorsprovide backup power when the grid goes down and provide a primary power system when you cant reach the grid. With a generator unit, all you need is Diesel fuel, and you can generate all the power you need. Detroit Diesel generators come in a wide range of power ratings, from as low as 50 kW for light duty uses to as high as 60,000 kW for heavy industrial applications.

How Do You Choose a Diesel Generator?

The first step in choosing a Detroit Diesel generator is by determining your needs. Once you know what you want, you can find a generator set to meet your needs. Different types of Detroit generators have designs for:

  • Portable Diesel Generators:Portable Diesel generators are useful when you need to provide electrical power anywhere, even off the grid. A single unit can power a wide range of tools and on-site equipment. Most small generators offer single-phase current for light duty tools. Many users find 50 or 100 kW to be plenty of current for most uses.
  • Backup Diesel Generators:The big advantage of backup generators is that you have electricity as long as you have Diesel fuel. A small generator can support a house, and a big Detroit Diesel unit can provide 20,000 or more kW for a hospital or industrial site. All your Detroit Diesel stationary industrial generator needs is enough Diesel fuel to keep running no matter the situation.

Why Use Diesel Engines for Generators?

Diesel engines are very well suited for use in electrical generators, which is why you find Detroit Diesel engines in so many units. Here are some of the reasons why Diesel is so useful in these applications:

  • Power:Diesel fuel has more energy density than gasoline, so your Detroit power system can provide more electricity than a gasoline generator does. Your generator is more fuel-efficient, and it produces more overall power with the denser fuel than you do with alternatives like natural gas.
  • Reliability:Heavy-duty Detroit Diesel engines provide reliable power with modest fuel consumption. On-site power needs the utmost reliability, especially for backups.
  • Performance:Detroit Diesel generators are for maximum performance under load. Diesels work best at a constant low RPM, where they can provide a steady output. These characteristics are perfect for a backup unit that has to keep running no matter what the situation.

What to Look for from Detroit Diesel Corporation

When looking at used Detroit engines, the first thing to consider is condition. Engines with low hours usually need less maintenance. While a larger generator set may burn more fuel than more portable equipment, it can also give you the headroom you need for momentary spikes and larger loads.

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