Finding a Replacement Charging and Synch Cable for Your PDA

PDAs were a groundbreaking invention at the time they came out and served many purposes to busy people and businessmen before the age of smartphones. While PDAs have long been discontinued, you can find replacement charging and sync USB cables if you've lost yours or found that it is no longer working. 

What is a PDA?

PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant and is a handheld PC that fits in your palm or pocket and which works as a personal organizer as well as giving access to the internet and email. They were extremely popular in the 90's, but production stopped in the ensuing decades. While later model PDAs provided many more features than earlier models, some of the basic functions include:

  • Touchscreen: Touchscreens help you navigate through menus and push buttons. Some models come with a stylus that you can use to draw or write on the screen, or you can use the virtual keyboard similar to what you find on smartphones of today. If you like to write on screen using the stylus, the PDA can convert this to typed text. 
  • Access important information: PDAs can provide important information you normally store on a computer that you might need while on the go. Access emails, calendar information, and address book. 
  • Access internet: Through the Wi-Fi capability, a PDA gives the option to surf the internet, or make calls over an internet calling plan. 

Do PDAs Sync with Your Computer?

The great thing about PDAs is that they can sync with your computer to get important information.

  • Calendar: A PDA can sync with the calendar on your computer so that you can access your diary and appointment details from home, the car, or anywhere outside the office. 
  • Emails: A PDA allows you to read important emails that come in while you are outside of the office or away from your home computer. 
  • Syncing software: There is special software which accurately syncs all important information once you connect the device to your computer. 

What Kind of Cables are Available for PDAs?

The Dell Axim PDA models have charging and sync cables. You can find compact retractable USB cables as well as cradles and chargers that sit on your desk and provide power to recharge as well as being able to sync. 

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