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    July 24, 2018

    Fast computer for the price.

    Fast computer for the price. Upgraded RAM to 16GB to reduce SSD page file usage. No VGA port - a sign of the times maybe. One 3.5" drive port - SSD fits into carrier (similarly for mSATA drive). M.2 port onboard for second SSD. Can use M.2 port adapter ($15) to image a larger SSD to replace the existing 256GB SSD using Windows Backup. For legacy software support, since Win10 is OEM provided, downgrade to Win7 (or Win8) is free. Bought 2, both for business. One SSD replaced with 500GB Samsung 860 EVO and second downgraded to Win7pro. In retrospect, use the M.2 port next time (no mSATA carrier, and faster than SATA).

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