See If Consumer Cellular Is Right for You

You may have seen commercials for senior discounted phone service from Consumer Cellular. This privately owned company offers even more with many options located in this eBay collection. Driven by the needs of the customers, Consumer Celluar offers a broad range of products on a nationwide network.

How can you reduce your cellular costs with Consumer Cellular?

There are many ways that Consumer Cellular, and a bit of innovation, can give you control over the cost of your cellular service. Unlimited plans give you the convenience of not thinking about whether anyone will go over their usage, but you may not need an unlimited plan if you do some due diligence of your own. Some of the subtle tweaks to reduce your monthly bill without creating a major meltdown from your family include:

  • Restrictions - Enable restrictions on the phone to limit data usage per device.
  • Streaming - Turn off streaming apps that you dont use often, like autoplay on social media sites.
  • Media - Lower the streaming quality on media.
  • Wi-Fi - Download media where Wi-Fi is available, then use the media offline.
Do you need new phones to use Consumer Cellular?

The "Bring Your Own Phone" option from Consumer Cellular accommodates any former cell phone that is unlocked. A new sim card is provided without an activation fee so that the switch is easy. All sim card sizes can be converted, including nano (8.8 x 12.3mm), micro (12 x 15mm), or standard (15 x 25mm). Of course, if you want a different phone, you can find many options available on eBay. You can keep your same phone number, and your contacts can be transferred to the new sim card.

What are some other benefits to switching?

Consumer Cellular is based on consumer need. With that in mind, they have expanded the network and other features that can accommodate teenagers to seniors. Since its inception in 1995, Consumer Cellular has evolved into a cost-effective way to provide valuable cellular service. Consumer Cellular AARP members can receive discounted service in addition to the multiple plan options for those that dont use much data. The plan will automatically switch to another plan to protect against overage costs, rather than charge per GB, unless the highest tier is exceeded. Overage alerts are in place to advise when the data limit is being reached. Consumer Cellular also offers a senior-friendly tablet called the Grandpad. Details can be found on the manufacturers website.

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