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Collectible Rotring Fountain Pens

Collectible fountain pens are used by a range of people including sketch artists, poets, calligraphy aficionados and collectors of vintage accessories. Rotring has long been a producer of these pens. Not all Rotring fountain pens are the same, and you will want to have an understanding of the available options, whether you want to use your pen for drawing or caligraphy.

How are fountain pens different from ball point pens?

While their anatomies are similar as far as the cap and the barrel, it is the business end of the pens that make the difference. Fountain pens have a nib at the tip instead of a small ball that rolls ink on to a page. Also, because these pens are refillable and not disposable, you will need ink cartridges for refills.

What are the different types of pen nibs?

There are different types of nibs, and they will often have a bearing on the use of the pen. They come in the pointed, broad, and stubbed versions.

  • Pointed: The pointed version has a sharp tip. The difference in lines are in the pressure applied by the writer. More pressure makes thicker lines, and using little pressure can produce finer lines. It comes in flexed and unflexed varieties.
  • Broad: The broad version was the first one used. They have a wider tip than pointed nibs.
  • Stubbed: This variation can be described as a cross between the pointed and broad types. Its tip allows for both fine lines and easy up and down strokes.
How do you know when to replace the nib?

When it comes to replacing the tip, it is not a matter of time, but it is a matter of the wear and tear. If you notice that your pen is not allowing ink to flow, clean out the ink reservoir, and if it still is not flowing, then it is the tip. Also if the tip is bent, or starts digging into the paper on your upstrokes, then it is time to replace it.

What are the different types of Rotring fountain pens?

There are also two main types of fountain pens offered by Rotring. They have pens with a modern barrel style body, and they also come with nib holders. The holder gives the pen more of the classic appearance, and their smaller bodies have dexterity.

How do you refill your Rotring fountain pen?

Refills are necessary to keep your pen writing and drawing with precision. Immerse the tip into the ink bottle. If your pen has a traditional body, then twist the cap end of it counterclockwise to force air out of the converter. Turn it back clockwise to draw the ink into the converter. If you are using a nib holder instead of a barrel body, then refills only require that you dip your pen into the bottle and wipe away excess ink before writing.

Do Rotring fountain pens require any special care?

You may not want to let anyone else use your pen. No two people write the same, and a pen held at different angles may wear from the pressure applied to it more rapidly. Keep the pen inside of its protective case when it is not in use, and keep plenty of ink cartridges for refills.

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