Clarity Cordless Phones and Handsets

Clarity has been offering amplified telephones, assistive listening devices, and notification systems for over 40 years. Their products are categorized by necessity: mild hearing loss, moderate hearing loss, severe hearing loss, low vision, low speech, and limited mobility.

What is DECT 6.0 technology in Clarity phones and handsets?

DECT 6.0 refers to the cordless platform of connectivity. It is enabled exclusively for cordless phones and allows the phone products to offer upgraded sound features. The technology also prevents disruptions from wireless networks.

What other features do Clarity products offer?

Clarity cordless phones and handsets provide amplified sound when using the speakerphone function, and their cordless design allows you to carry them throughout the room. Clarity phones and handsets offer 50 decibels of digital amplification and DECT 6.0 technology along with large, high-contrast buttons. These phones will speak aloud the numbers as they are dialed and flash the caller ID on a bright LCD screen. Additional features offered are:

  • Four tone settings
  • Amplified outgoing speech up to 15 decibels
  • Illuminated dial pad
  • Belt clip for added mobility
  • Bright visual ringer with voicemail indicator
  • Hearing aid compatibility
  • Connectivity to assistive listening devices or headsets
What are the different Clarity Cordless phones and handset products?
  • Clarity D613 With Digital Answering Machine
  • Clarity C4220 5.8 Ghz Amplified Cordless Phone
  • Clarity D703 Amplified Low Vision Cordless Phone with CID Display
  • Clarity Big Button Speakerphone With Talking Caller ID
  • Clarity XLC Amplified Extra Loud Speakerphone
What should you look for in a cordless phone product?

Cordless phone products should offer clear audio, mobility, and good battery life. Here is a further breakdown of what cordless phones should offer:

  • Clearness when calling: A cordless phone should offer clear, loud audio even when you step 300-400 feet away from the base of the phone.
  • Range of use: These phones are designed to offer a range of movement away from the base, typically around 300 to 400 feet in all directions.
  • Battery life: Due to the fact that wireless home phones are unencumbered by the hardware found in smartphones, cordless batteries can last much longer.
  • Charging time: Look for a phone that can charge quickly. Most home phones will fully charge in about six hours and hold a charge for about 12 hours.
  • Answering machine recording time: Home phones offer a plethora of memory space to hold at least 17 minutes of audio recordings, and some offer up to 30 minutes of recording time.
  • Display: Consider whether you need large numbers or a bright, large LCD display.
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