Chinese Music, Musician Stamps

Chinese music stamps feature different elements that highlight Chinese music. These products are printed on traditional stamp paper. Chinese stamps include designs from a variety of eras.

What are the stamp product options?
  • Block stamps: These are designed on square paper, and the edges of the material have the iconic ripples that are found on general stamp products. Because block stamps are spacious, there is enough space on the center of the block for a bold, colorful, Chinese-themed graphic. Most block products are manufactured on a sheet, and a typical sheet may include several Chinese designs.
  • Cover stamps: These feature detailed designs that include different Chinese characters and locations. These products contain Chinese themes from different decades.
  • Postage stamps: These include traditional Chinese themes, and all of the colors are printed on an average sheet of postage material. Chinese postage products that are themed highlight a variety of Chinese characters in a variety of settings.
What are some music stamp designs?

Chinese stamps that feature opera-themed designs include traditional characters and classical instruments. For example, if a product has a music hall theme, the design may feature a musician and a piano.

Many options with musical instrument graphics highlight a specific kind of instrument. On these products, you may find many stringed instruments or a variety of wind instruments.

In China, music festivals involve bold colors and different musical equipment, and many of the products that musicians use are found on the music festival stamps.

Products that specifically highlight musicians are typically designed on a stamp that has black and white ink. Many of these products are detailed because a portrait of a musician is placed on edge of each item.

A special-issue option with Chinese themes is also an option.

Some products also have musical arrangements that include a variety of notes for the Chinese national anthem. These items are designed on a white sheet of paper, and the Chinese flag is posted in the upper left corner. This flag pops on the stamp because it's the only design that's colorful.

Many products that feature famous structures in China highlight places where musicians performed the national anthem. These pieces include an iconic Chinese building in a city area and a structure that's built on a colorful landscape. The iconic building is printed in the center of these China stamps, and the structure is found in the upper right corner.