Let the Sun Keep Your Cell Phone Powered

You can access your favorite apps on your Samsung Galaxy S7's generously-sized screen. Even missed calls, date, and time are always on display without unlocking the display. That's only true though when you keep your phone charged, which you can do much more conveniently with a solar charger.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Phone Solar Charger?

  • Free Power: Harnessing the sun's rays makes sense, whether you're on top of a mountain or simply want to use environmentally friendly products to conserve electricity. If the power grid fails for a day or two, you can keep your smartphone operational.
  • Convenience: Even when you spend a day inside, you can place the power bank in direct sunlight and plug in your Samsung phone via a USB port. Likewise, you can take a stroll in the park, go camping, or spend a day at the beach and not worry about searching for a power outlet.
  • Compatible With Other Devices: In addition to charging your phone, you can use the solar charger to keep your laptop, tablet, GPS unit, and other devices charged.

How Do You Expose the Solar Panel Battery Charger to the Sun?

Solar chargers are designed with straps or carabiners so you can attach them to tents and awnings, or you can clip them to a backpack or bag. The charger captures the sun's energy while you complete other tasks. Devices may be free-standing and adjust to several positions. For optimum sun exposure, try to position the solar charger due south even though it still charges when exposed to full sunlight. If your Galaxy phone is attached to the charger in direct sunlight, it's a good idea to cover it to avoid heat damage.

What Features Should You Look for in a Phone Solar Charger?

  • Integrated Battery: A charger that includes a battery pack ensures your phone keeps charging even when there's cloud cover. You can charge the integrated battery using a wall outlet prior to leaving your house so you have a surplus of stored energy.
  • USB Connections: Solar chargers may have one or two USB ports so you can also charge a friend's phone. They may also come with a micro USB charging cable.
  • Indicator Light: Depending on the model, some chargers have LED lights letting you know how much charge remains in the power bank.
  • Durability: Charger shells made from hard-wearing plastic hold up to all-day wear and outdoor use. Many solar chargers are waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.