Keep in Touch With iPhone 5s Screen Digitizers

The iPhone 5s is a smartphone made by Apple. This company produces many different kinds of smartphones, tablets, and computers. Find a digitizer that is compatible with your phone by hunting through this collection.

What is a touchscreen digitizer?

A digitizer is a glass sheet that is placed on top of the screen of a smartphone or tablet. This sheet is energized by an electrical current, and it is connected to the inner circuitry of the device. The digitizer records the contact between your fingers and the phone, and it translates this contact into electrical signals. The device then uses these signals as catalysts to perform certain actions.

On multitouch displays, the digitizer can record multiple points of contact simultaneously. However, the iPhone 5s has a single-touch display, which means that it can only record the contact of one finger at a time.

Can this component be replaced without replacing the screen?

It is technically possible to replace the digitizer on an iPhone 5s without replacing the entire screen along with it. However, it is much easier to replace the screen at the same time. The digitizer is firmly connected to the screen, which means that you would need a special solute to disconnect the two components without damaging either part.

The electrical connections of the digitizer on an iPhone 5s also run directly through the LED screen, and it would take special electrical equipment to extricate them completely. Most digitizer replacement kits come with a digitizer, touchscreen, and home button, and digitizers for this particular type of smartphone are not usually offered separately.

How do you replace the digitizer on an iPhone 5s?

Once you've acquired a digitizer and screen kit that will work with your iPhone, follow these steps to replace this component:

  • Work in a clean and well-lit space. Before beginning the repair process, make sure that your workspace is free of debris and dust.
  • Use a plastic spatula to separate the screen from the body of the device. This action is accomplished by inserting the tip of the spatula in the seam between the screen and the phone body.
  • Work the spatula around the circumference of the display. When you reach a corner, insert a corner pick. Insert picks in each corner.
  • Once you've inserted a pick in each corner, use your hands to pull the screen away from the iPhone. Inside the iPhone, you'll find an electrical cord that connects the display to the battery.
  • Disconnect this cord carefully and set the old display aside. Connect the replacement screen to the power cord and spread display solvent around the edge of the screen.
  • Press the screen into the body of the iPhone and hold it there until the solvent dries.
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