How to Buy iPhone Earbuds

Whether you are working out, relaxing, or running errands, the iPhone earbuds provide you with a clear audio sound, as well as features like Bluetooth and call answering capabilities to make your life easier. You can purchase new and pre-owned Apple iPhone earbuds on eBay at great prices.

What are some features of the iPhone earbuds besides audio?

The iPhone earbuds come as either wired or wireless.

  • Wireless Bluetooth compatibility: You are able to connect with Bluetooth, leave your phone in a safe place, and listen to quality audio while you work out, or work in your home or office. This feature is for wireless only.
  • Built-in microphone: This feature lets you speak to your browser when you want and talk with your earbuds during a phone call. This feature comes with both wired and wireless iPhone earbuds.
  • Comfortable earpieces: The design of the earbud head fits comfortably in your ear and will not slip out easily so that you consistently get great sound quality.
  • Cord reach: The wired earbuds feature a 3.9-foot long cord, to make it easy to listen while keeping your phone safe in your pocket or a backpack. The cord also winds up well after use, making for compact storage. The weight for wired iPhone earbuds are only less than one ounce, so your ears will never be weighed down by these earbuds.
  • Volume control: On the wired earbuds, there is a plastic bar with buttons to control the volume. You don't have to reach for your phone if you want to turn your audio down.
Are iPhone headphones one size fits all?

Yes, these comfortable iPhone headphones on eBay are designed to fit the inside of most adult men's, and women's, ears. However, they may be too large to fit a child's ear, depending on the size of the child.

Are iPhone earbuds Bluetooth compatible?

Some iPhone earbuds are Bluetooth compatible. The ones with the wire cords are not. To find the correct earbuds that are Bluetooth, look for the different styles. One distinct difference between a wired and a wireless headset is that many Bluetooth earbuds sit around your neck. The earbuds are then pulled out from the sides of the headset for use.

Can you work out while wearing these earbuds?

Yes. The versatile iPhone earbuds are water resistant and sweat proof. They will not slip out of your ear, thanks to the unique design of the earbud. Jump and run all you want while still listening to your favorite band or podcast.

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