Charge on the Go With a Samsung Car Charger

When you are on the go, a smartphone with a dying battery can be very inconvenient. As long as you have a car charger, you can just plug your phone in and refresh the battery with power from your car. When charging a Samsung Galaxy or other Samsung phone in a car, you will need to select a charger that is compatible with your phone model and your vehicle.

What comes with a car charger?

Many car chargers come as a set with multiple pieces, so you can use them in more than one situation. Depending on which type of charger you select, you might have one or more of the following pieces.

  • USB charging adapter: This style of adapter plugs into the cigarette lighter and contains a socket for a USB cable.
  • Socket adapter: One end of this plugs into the cigarette lighter, while the other will have a standard power socket that you can plug a normal charger into.
  • Charging cable: This is the piece that will connect your phone to the power source. Depending on the type of Samsung you have, you may need a micro USB or a USB C port on one end. Typically, the other end will contain a standard USB, type A, or type B power plug.
  • Wireless: Some car chargers allow you to charge your Samsung phone hands-free. They use Qi Inductive Charging Technology to keep your phone charging so long as it stays in the cradle.
What features come with a car charger?

Some of the possible features included with a car charger include:

  • Air vent holder: These are devices that clip onto the air vent and hold your phone up so you can view it as you drive. They may connect to the phone with magnetic pieces or a clip.
  • LED display: An LED display will let you know how much longer your phone needs to charge.
  • Fast charging: Chargers with a USB Type C cable and a 3.0 connection may be able to charge your phone quicker than normal when used with the right type of phone.
  • No-tangle cords: These cords have a special shape that prevents them from tangling and knotting while you use them.
  • Multi charge capability: Some chargers dual port, so you can charge more than one device at a time.
How long does a car charger take to work?

Once you plug in your phone, it should begin charging immediately. It may take as little as 90 minutes or up to three hours to fully charge the battery from empty. Keep in mind that every case is different because the age of your car's battery, the state of your phone, and the type of charger you select can all make a big difference in charge time.

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