How to Pick Cases and Covers for Apple iPhone X phones

Cases and covers for the Apple iPhone X add a fun personal flair to the device while protecting it from spills and falls. The convenient iPhone X phone covers eBay sells typically have easy-to-grip textures to make carrying your phone while commuting hassle-free.

Available types of new and used iPhone X cases

Cases and covers for the Apple iPhone X come in many form factors. These are some of the most common:

  • Flip case: Designed to fold open like a book, flip cases feature clasps to keep the covers shut. Wallet cases are a common type of flip case and contain pockets and pouches for storing personal items. Some flip cases for the Apple iPhone X have zippers for extra protection.
  • 3D case: Made from 3D printers, 3D phone cases often boast elaborate shapes and textures. For example, 3D-printed covers can resemble ice cream cones, Nintendo Game Boys, and cartoon characters.
  • Skin: Skins for the Apple iPhone X snap snugly over the phone for a tight, lightweight fit that makes carrying and storing the device easy. Some skins come as translucent sticker wraps.
  • Heavy-duty cases: Made to withstand a wide range of hazards, including dust and water, heavy-duty phone cases are often made with highly durable materials, such as hybrid silicone. They can also have shockproof features or metal plating.
Details to consider when picking handy iPhone X covers

When choosing any of the affordable iPhone X phone covers eBay sells, it's a good idea to take these factors into account:

  • Visual Appeal: Apple iPhone X covers come in a wide range of textures and visual styles. They can feature liquid quicksand or real dried flowers, for instance, and some have glitter or personalised nameplates. Phone covers for the iPhone X typically display fun colors, patterns, and illustrations, and you can find ones with Fortnite or Disney characters, among many others.
  • Convenience: Many cases and covers for the Apple iPhone X have amenities that make life more convenient. Some cases have hidden card holders to conceal important documents. Many covers have bag or wrist straps to make carrying them easier, and some have hooks that attach to your belt. Armband covers let you keep your phone on hand while exercising.
  • Durability: In addition to shockproof qualities and dust resistance, some phone cases have tempered glass for extra durability. Many cases have bumpers and anti-drop plating for enhanced shock absorption, and waterproof covers are common.
How do you use an iPhone X case or cover?

To use an iPhone X case or cover, just snap the frame or sleeve over the phone while making sure its holes still let you access the device's screen, buttons, and ports. Some iPhone X cases have kickstands for steady picture-taking, and many feature mirrors so you can touch up your look whenever you want. Some cases and covers for the iPhone X also have heat dissipation holes to keep your phone cool for frequent use.