Choosing Apple iPhone 8 Plus Covers Cases, Covers, and Skins

iPhone 8 plus covers and skins are essential accessories, both to personalize the phones and to keep them safe. There are hundreds of different colors and styles, at many price points. Cheap iPhone 8 plus cases are one of the wisest investments out there. For just a few dollars, iPhone 8 plus covers can preserve the value of your phone for resale, or just keep it functional and unscratched longer than an unprotected phone.

What iPhone 8 Plus covers and skin styles are available?

When choosing your iPhone 8 plus case, you have many options, from hybrid cases to wallet cases and lots in between.

  • Bumper Case - This protective style, which usually leaves the screen uncovered, uses a raised rubber edge on the sides of the iPhone to keep it from cracking or breaking if dropped. Some are mainly clear, aside from the raised edges, while others feature elaborate designs. There are great deals in this style for those looking to buy iPhone 8 Plus cases cheap.
  • Wallet Case - If you're looking to travel light, wallet cases are a great option. Combining a sleek wallet design with a safe and secure phone case, these are nice if you don't like clutter.
  • Flip Case - These classic cases do a great job protecting phones from scratches and dings, not only from a drop but also from sharp objects in your purse or pocket. They often double as stands, providing great bang for the buck.
  • Battery Case - Heavy users will adore the battery case option. Functioning as protection and charging device all at once, it provides hours of extra life for your phone.
Available brands for the iPhone 8 Plus case on eBay

Since it is one of the most widely sold iPhone accessories on the market, plenty of companies have jumped into the iPhone 8 plus covers competition.

  • Apple - Apple makes covers for their own phones in a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs.
  • Luxury Brands - There are some great deals for brands like Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, and Micheal Kors.
  • Affordable Brands - Less expensive brands like Lifeproof and Milk and Honey offer everything from delicate floral iPhone 8 plus cases for girls to understated monocolor designs for professionals.
What extra features are available?

A phone is no longer just a phone. It is used for media consumption and as a camera, GPS system, and portable computer. Here are some features that meet different needs.

  • Waterproof - Protection against everything from gentle rain to an unexpected fall into the toilet, waterproof or water-resistant cases have saved many a phone.
  • Kickstand - Phones today function as much as media centers as they do as communication devices, and the ability to stand them up independently is one that many consumers appreciate.
  • Screen Protector - The most poked and prodded part of any iPhone is the screen, and a trustworthy screen protector is worth its weight in Bitcoin.