Keep Your Phone Safe and Looking Good with a Case-Mate Cell Phone Case

Case-Mate cell phone cases for Apple provide several protective features that guard against both environmental and drop-related hazards. Aesthetic elements for the products come in a variety of different options.

What protective features are offered by the products?

The cases available are designed to be tough enough to handle drops and bumps without sustaining damage. Cases that offer screen protection have protectors tough enough to resist scratches and provide protection against minor bumps. Edges are beveled for the purpose of providing grip to the products when laid face down on a flat surface. Wrist straps on wallet-style cases add a mechanism designed to prevent users from accidentally dropping their phones. Heavy-duty designs for additional exterior toughness are offered in slim models for the purpose of space minimization as well. Different materials are used, including hard plastic for traditional cases and leather for wallet-style cases. Bumpers on dual-layered products may feature polycarbonate to provide additional shock resistance.

What are some of the aesthetic design features?

Cases may contain both solid colored and patterned designs. In some products, there may be glittered backgrounds resembling the appearance of small diamonds that reflect additional light. In some products, glitter-like elements may only appear on a section of the case backing rather than the entire backing. Clear cases that are completely transparent are also available as well as clear cases that contain a color but still retain aspects of transparency. Cases with both designs and a solid color may come in a range of different color options for the same product model. Some of the different solid colors available for purchase are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Pink
Do cases contain additional functional features?

In some products, there may be functional features, such as wallets with multiple card slots that are able to store both cards and cash. The addition of these features does not make the individual case less tough. In addition to wallets, some of the cases contain slots along their backsides that can be sealed with a strap rather than a fold-over wallet. Cases may be able to stand up without the use of hands in some instances due to a kickstand. Fold over flaps are standard in wallet models.

Are multiple phone models supported by the cases?

Yes, some of the traditional case models offered support multiple types of phones. The number and types of phones supported varies on an individual basis. Support for other phones spans different sizes and different generations of products. Wallet cases may also support different generations of products.

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