Choosing Card Pocket Cases and Covers for iPhone 5

Keeping your cards secure on your person is an important task with much on the line. Losing your credit card or drivers license can lead to detrimental outcomes, both personally and financially; a wallet case for your iPhone 5 or 5s could be just what you need to prevent these card issues from coming to life. Many wallet cases like this are available on the market in a variety of different styles and makeups.

What is the function of a card pocket case?

The function of an iPhone 5 case like this is quite comparable to that of a wallet. In some cases, it can serve as a complete substitute. The product serves as a card holder to keep credit cards of your choice in a safe place while simultaneously protecting your Apple product from unexpected damages such as screen cracks. Overall, these products are meant to combine the useful functions of two common products into a versatile hybrid.

What are some different types of wallet cases?

While these wallet cases all contribute to a common purpose for your iPhone 5, there are many options that you may want to look into. Some cases provide the capacity of an entire wallet with different compartments for various purposes. These have the potential to void the necessity of carrying a separate wallet. Others are lighter and meant for those who do not need the heavy-duty function. These models tend to have sleek builds for efficiency and only a few slots for a select few cards.

What are some brands that make these iPhone Wallet Cases?

As these phone cases increase in popularity, more brands enter the market to contribute. A number of different distributors of these cases that hold cards are out there, including:

  • Amzer: This company provides a shockproof case made from rubber and plastic to hold your cards.
  • Incipio: They provide an ultra-slim, sleek gray model for the iPhone 5 or 5s to hold onto your cards.
  • BENTOBEN: They make an additional model to hold your cards that is also very sleek, available in the color mint green.
  • Kaseberry: This company offers a classic leather model that comes in black and straps on and off. It may be the most comparable to an actual wallet.
What materials are used to craft these phone cases?

One common material that distributors make these phone cases from is leather. Not only is leather a stylish option, but its soft yet somewhat firm consistency gives some cushion to protect your phone from drops. This also goes in accordance with actual wallets, which are made with leather more often than not. Some of these cases are made from rubber and plastic, providing a shockproof quality to the cardholder.