Window Motors and Parts for Saab

When the electric windows on your Saab break or malfunction, replacement parts can get the system up and running quickly. Whether you are searching for parts for original Saab vehicles or cars made by National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), which is the company that replaced Saab, you can find a huge selection of individual parts and sets. Choose from components ranging from tiny window rollers to full motor assemblies.

What is a window roller?

Window rollers are tiny plastic components that allow the windows in your Saab or NEVS car to move up and down smoothly. Each one holds the window glass in place and prevents it from scraping. As the motor pushes the glass up or down, the tiny rollers rotate in the track guides. Depending on your model, you might have four or more rollers per window. If your windows are sluggish or tend to get stuck, it might mean that your rollers are damaged or off-track.

What is a window regulator motor?

A window regulator motor controls the electric windows in your Saab or NEVS vehicle. The motor sits inside the car door. When you push the up or down buttons, the motor moves the window glass accordingly. Since they are used frequently, regulator motors are prone to damage or wear. Replacement motor assemblies can get your windows back in functioning shape.

What is typically included in a Saab window motor assembly?

Individual window assemblies for these Swedish cars vary, but many include:

  • Window track or run: Serves as a guide to keep the window glass and regulator on a set path.
  • Motor: Powers the window regulator assembly.
  • Regulator: Moves the window glass up and down.
  • Rollers: Moves the regulator and glass along the track or run.
  • Hardware: To attach the regulator, control arms, motors, and cables.
How can you choose a window motor or replacement parts?

When the window motor on your car is broken, finding a replacement part can feel challenging. Narrow down the wide variety of options with these steps:

  • Identify the window: Choose the driver or passenger windows on the front or back of the car.
  • Select the component: Determine which part of the window or motor you need, or opt for a full motor assembly.
  • Choose a type: Select from original Swedish Saab or NEVS brand parts, or opt for aftermarket products.
  • Check compatibility: Make sure that the part is compatible with your Saab or NEVS year and model.