Window Motors and Parts for Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is known worldwide for its impressive suite of luxury cars, all of which feature a powered window system. After significant usage, you may need new window motors and parts for Mercedes-Benz to keep your windows working efficiently. Parts of this system are also simple to replace and do not take a significant amount of experience to do so.

What types of window regulators are there for Mercedes-Benz cars?

Of the two major types of power window systems, the Mercedes-Benz lines generally use the cable system. However, you will need to make sure that your vehicles trim or model does not have extra accessories or parts that qualifies it as a gear system. Here are some features of these two types of systems.

  • Cable system: This Mercedes-Benz regulator is powered via a motor. The motor pulls on two cables that are attached to a sliding bracket, which then raises and lowers the window that is braced on the bracket.
  • Gear system: Older Mercedes-Benz cars may feature a gear regulator in which the motor turns gears. The turning gears then power a similar bracket as in the cable system where the bracket moves the window up and down. Gear systems are generally slower than cable systems due to the larger force necessary.
What parts are in a window motor system?

Both cable and gear regulators use three major parts throughout the system. They include the cable or the gear, the motor, and the electrical conductor.

  • Window cable regulator: The more common regulator setup is with cables.
  • Window gear regulator: Most designs only feature one large gear, but some models may have more than one gear to increase the speed of the power windows.
  • Window motor: The most essential part of a power window system is the motor. Without a working motor, the window would be stuck in place. This part, or parts depending on how many windows are in your Mercedes-Benz, powers the rest of the system, maintaining the connection between the button in the vehicle and the actual mechanism for raising and lowering the window.
  • Electrical conductor: In order to turn the motor on, a current needs to be passed to it. This wire does that job, sending the proper amount of current when the button for window use is pressed on the interior of the vehicle.
How do you know which window motor parts to get?

Finding the right Mercedes-Benz parts requires two steps.

  • First, find the exact model, trim, and year of your Mercedes-Benz. This will allow you to pinpoint the correct manufacturer and type for your models parts.
  • Second, consult your user manual for any information on the original parts used in your cars windows. This will let you know if there is anything special about parts or accessories for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle that you should know.