Window Motors & Parts for Hummer

The power windows in your Hummer help to make window operation effortless. When you need to replace components of your power windows, there are many options available for Hummer parts. Here are some questions that may come up when selecting window motors and parts for your Hummer.

What types of window regulators are available?

Understanding the types of window regulators for your Hummer can help when you need to make a selection. There are two main types of window regulators.

  • Cable window regulators have a space-saving design. This style of regulator has multiple metal tracks that guide the window up and down. The motor, along with a series of wire cables and pulleys, help move the window.
  • Scissor window regulators consist of two metal arms that move like a pair of scissors to raise and lower your windows.
How do you choose window motors for your Hummer?

Selecting a window motor and parts can be complex with the many options available. Following these tips can be helpful when selecting Hummer parts.

  • Understand the requirements and specifications of your vehicle. You will want to know the make, model, and year of your Hummer. This will be helpful in finding compatible parts for your vehicle. Sometimes you will also need to know the production date in situations where the manufacturer changed parts in the middle of the year.
  • Select a style. Some window-motors and regulators will be more generic and fit into different types of windows, while others will be designed for each location.
  • Select a brand. You can choose from manufacturer parts if you want OEM replacement options, or you can select from several aftermarket companies that produce compatible parts.
What components make up your power window assembly?

Different components make up the system that allows you to raise and lower the windows when you press the controls. The window motor turns the various gears inside of the regulator so that the window will go up and down when the button is pressed. The control switch will connect to this system with a series of wires, while fuses help to protect the system from failing due to overloads. These components will sometimes come in assemblies, or you can select and replace individual components.

What companies manufacture replacement window motors for your Hummer?

If you prefer to choose original equipment manufacturer parts, you can choose from parts made by General Motors, and Hummer. OEM parts are produced to match the factory specifications of the original parts. Cardone Industries, Dorman, ACDelco, and other companies produce aftermarket options. With these models, some will be built to OEM standards, while with others you may need to make adjustments so that they fit properly in your Hummer. There are also several unbranded options that are compatible with your vehicle.