Keep a Cute Cat with Your Smartphone at All Times

Whether you are a cat person or prefer to see them in pictures and cartoons, you can appreciate a cute cat design phone case. There are a variety of styles and cat themed designs for you to choose from. You can even start a collection of phone cases to change your phone's look when you feel like it.

Why Do I Need a Case or Cover for My Apple iPhone?

iPhones tend to be very precious to their owners. Cases and covers gained popularity with new phone owners not only for aesthetics but also for protective reasons. 

  • Protection: Most phone cases will be able to give your phone general, light protection against any impact or dust particles. Using a case on your iPhone can help minimize the amount of scratches and bruises forming on the back of the phone. 
  • Aesthetics: Many people purchase skins, covers, and cases for their phones for the aesthetics of the cover itself. For example, cat themed phone cases are often purchased because they look cute. 
  • A Unique Look: With so many styles and designs available for iPhone cases, everyone can have a unique exterior for their phones. It can make it easy to identify your phone from a distance.

What Types of Phone Cases Are Available?

There are different styles available for all Apple iPhones, whether you have the iPhone SE, the iPhone 6, an iPhone 7, or any of the Plus sized iPhones.

  • Simple: Some people prefer a basic and simple phone case. This style of phone cases is two dimensional and often come in solid background colors like black, white, or red.
  • Tactile: There are also three dimensional phone cases where a little cat model is formed out of silicone or plastic and attached to the back side of the case. You may find this style of phone case appealing for the little model can be fun to fiddle with.
  • Oversized: Oversized phone cases are a different type of three dimensional phone cases. The design of the case is often much bigger than the dimensions of your phone and can make your phone look quite different from afar. An example of oversized designs includes phone cases that feature large cat ears at the top. 

What Materials Do Phone Cases Come In?

  • Silicone: Silicone cases are often softer than other iPhone cases. This allows for a snug fit and easier instalment and removal due to its soft and almost malleable properties.
  • Plastic: iPhone cases made of this material are more rigid and sturdier than soft silicone cases. They can provide more shock protection and aesthetically, you are more likely to find clear plastic iPhone cases. This may appeal to anyone who likes the appearance of the iPhone but still want a protective tough case around their device. 

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