Buying C Lithium Single-Use Batteries

We use batteries every day in some way or another in multiple sizes, ranging from AA and AAA up to C and D. Though alkaline is traditionally the most well-known and widely used form of battery, lithium batteries have become known for their own qualities, making them a viable alternative to alkaline. Before you reach for an alkaline model, it can be helpful to learn a little more about what makes using a lithium battery more efficient.

What Are Some Features of C Lithium Batteries?

There are a few key differences between lithium batteries and alkaline batteries that may make lithium appeal to you the next time you need a battery to power any household or outdoor device.

  • Lithium batteries are known for their extended lifespan. This is because their makeup allows them to produce double the voltage of alkaline batteries.
  • Since lithium batteries are high-performance options, you can put them in devices or electronics that tend to drain battery power quickly, and the lithium batteries should retain power for a longer period of time than alkaline would.
  • Alkaline batteries have a more difficult time working properly during extreme temperatures, regardless of whether it's high heat or very cold climates. Conversely, lithium isn't susceptible to these temperature changes, making lithium batteries a wise option for powering outdoor devices.

What Are Some Uses for a Lithium Battery?

Most people are familiar with smaller-cell batteries like AA or AAA options that are used to power everything from alarm clocks and remote controls to game console controllers and wireless computer mice, but what are C-sized single-use batteries for?

  • C batteries are considered "medium-drain" batteries, making them the middle ground between their smaller AA and larger D counterparts. You can use these in heavy-duty items like flashlights.
  • This battery size also fits into devices or electronics that you may use for extended periods, such as portable stereos, boomboxes, portable speakers, or audio docks. Other uses include larger toys, fans, megaphones, radio receivers, and power tools.

Which Brands Offer C Lithium Batteries?

Though most battery brands started out as purely alkaline manufacturers, many of them now not only offer lithium alternatives but other options such as rechargeable batteries as well. Lithium batteries are non-rechargeable, but with their extended life, that's usually not an issue.

  • OmniCel offers lithium batteries in the C size that work well for everything from security alarms to flashlights.
  • Check into high-amperage Saft lithium batteries with 3.6 volts of power to juice up your smoke alarms, communication devices, or anything that requires high-performance power. Saft lithium batteries last five times longer than alkaline batteries do and have a 10-year shelf life.
  • Xeno 3.6-volt lithium batteries offer a reliable power source that you can use for cordless appliances or tools, digital cameras, high-powered flashlights for camping, or high-drain electronic devices.

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