Know the Features of BlackBerry Verizon Smartphones

BlackBerry Verizon smartphones offer a variety of features to make mobile browsing, calling and messaging easy. Most models contain a physical keyboard for easier typing while on the go. The operating system has some updates that improve battery life and functionality of the device.

What are the main features of the BlackBerry OS 10?

The software has been updated with a host of new features, including the following for improved usability:

  • Antitheft protection: This security feature allows you to disable your phone completely if it is lost or stolen to prevent someone else from reactivating it.
  • Sync with computer: The Blend software feature allows you to sync email, texts, documents, notifications and calendar data between your mobile device and computer or laptop.
  • Personal assistant: Using voice or text commands, the personal assistant can send emails, edit contact information and add information to your calendar, which is helpful if you need to perform a task while in your car.
  • Upgraded camera: The camera software gives you automatic recommendations for the mode and settings to use based on the photo you are trying to capture.
  • Power-saving profile: This setting allows you to save up to 15% of your battery life during usage
What are the features of the BlackBerry Verizon KEYone?

The BlackBerry KEYone is a great option for those who want to be as productive as possible at work or at home. Below are some of the main features of the KEYone phone:

  • Physical keyboard: Like other models, this device contains a physical QWERTY keyboard with a few additional features thrown in. The space bar also acts as a fingerprint sensor to keep your phone secure, and the keyboard includes a trackpad that makes scrolling possible without leaving smudges on your screen.
  • Shortcut support: You can program each keyboard key to have up to two shortcuts, making it easy to access applications that you use often.
  • Screen Brightness: The brightness of the display ensures that you are able to see the screen no matter where you are.
  • Excellent battery life: The average battery life for the KEYone device is around 12 hours, even during continuous web browsing.
How do you download apps to the BlackBerry Verizon smartphone?

Getting applications on your phone is easy once you have downloaded the BlackBerry App World application through your phone's browser. Once downloaded, you can open the application to find featured applications, or search for applications by category or name. When you find an application you want on your device, hit the download button and the app icon should appear on your phone.

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