Use a T-Mobile BlackBerry Phone to Perform Different Tasks

T-Mobile has released a number of different BlackBerry phones. Take them with you in your car or keep one in your briefcase so friends, family, or professional colleagues can stay in touch. With this device, actions ranging from calling, texting, and using apps can be performed.

How much storage is available on a T-Mobile BlackBerry?

Internal storage capacity differs from one phone to another. Selections come with limited capacities such as 512MB storage, but more common options, such as 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and beyond, are available as well. Additional storage can be acquired through inserting a MicroSD or MicroSDHC in the appropriate memory card slot. Multiple types of data can be saved on the internal storage and/or a memory card.

What are key features on a T-Mobile BlackBerry smartphone?

Each specific model of phone points to a variety of features. Across all the different cell phones available, certain features can be described as common. Those features include and are not limited to:

  • QWERTY Keyboard: The QWERTY keyboard on certain BlackBerry phones is not a virtual keyboard that pops up on a screen. Often, the T-Mobile BlackBerry smartphone comes with an actual, physical keyboard built into the device. Tapping on the QWERTY keyboard would be no different than doing so on a computer, just on a smaller scale.
  • Bluetooth-enabled: Transfer data from the T-Mobile BlackBerry phone to a computer or laptop through Bluetooth. Use Bluetooth to connect with other types of electronic devices as well.
  • GPS: Access this feature for any navigation needs. Once engaged, the global positioning system tells users where they are and how to reach a particular destination.
  • Internet browser: Connect to the internet through accessing the browser on this T-Mobile smartphone. Use the browser for all the standard internet purposes.

How does Wi-Fi connectivity work?

On specific T-Mobile BlackBerry Plus smartphones, an option may exist to connect via a wireless network. Once the connection is made, the phone performs operations without draining any remaining allocated data. Instead, the Wi-Fi connection serves as a substitute for the data. Be aware that a password would be required for any secured modem emanating from a Wi-Fi signal.

What is the anti-theft function?

Anti-theft smartphone protection works with the BlackBerry Protect feature on the phone. As long as the user confirmed his/her BlackBerry ID, the device can be disabled if it has been stolen or otherwise lost or misplaced. This way, the T-Mobile BlackBerry Plus phone won't be used for illicit purposes by an unauthorized user.

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