Key Factors for Selecting Car Chargers for BlackBerry Phones

A car charger for your electronics is a handy gadget to have, whether you commute often, go on road trips, or simply need to power up at some point during your day. There are many BlackBerry car chargers with different features to take into consideration, such as the specific device, power output, adapter type, and more. It is important to keep these factors in mind when looking for a car charger for your BlackBerry.

What is amp output?

Amps represent the electrical current running from the port into the smartphone. The number of amps multiplied by the voltage will give you the watts, or power, supplied by the charger. A higher amp output will charge your BlackBerry more quickly. Even if the phone requires one milliamp to charge, higher amp outputs, such as 2.1 to 2.4 per USB outlet, can provide a more efficient way to charge the device. It is important to take note of the maximum power that your phone can take before purchasing a charger to avoid overheating or damaging the device.

What does the charger draw power from?

When your car charger is plugged in, it draws power from the vehicle's battery. Because of this, it is important to unplug the charger and phone after the BlackBerry is fully charged to avoid draining it. Even when your car is off and your phone is not plugged in, it can still drain some of the car's battery. There are some products that incorporate a guard to prevent the flow of current into the charger and phone once it is fully charged. This can be a safe way to prevent the car's battery from draining if you are worried about remembering to unplug it.

What types of adapters are available for BlackBerry car chargers?
  • Cigarette lighter: The most common types of adapters offered for BlackBerry smartphones are micro USB chargers that plug into the cigarette lighter in the vehicle. These often come with a long coiled cord attached. Some have one or more USB ports on the adapter that allow for removable cords.
  • USB port: Many cars don't have a cigarette lighter built in, so there are also chargers that are a simple USB cord that can be plugged directly into a USB port in the car.
What should you consider when looking for a car charger?

There are many types of car chargers available for a BlackBerry. The first thing to consider is compatibility with your device and your vehicle. Many of these phones use a universal micro USB cable, but older BlackBerry phones may use a different cable. It is also important to consider power output and voltage to ensure that the output meets the minimum power required to charge the phone.

Another variable to keep in mind is the type of cord. Some have a cord that is permanently attached while others allow for replaceable cords. Cords come in varying lengths, so take this into consideration if you would like a longer cord that can reach into the backseat if needed. On products with removable cords, consider the number of ports needed, whether that be one or more.

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