Battery Tender Cable

Stay Charged Up With a Battery Tender Cable

If you have seasonal equipment such as an ATV, snowmobile, or garden tractor that sits idle for part of the year, you need an affordable, efficient Battery Tender cable. It plugs into a standard outlet and keeps the battery charged up so that when the season changes, your rig is ready to go. An affordable Battery Tender cable is great for boats, sports cars, and RVs that are in storage, and you will find an excellent selection on eBay.

How do Battery Tender cables differ from trickle chargers?

One basic difference between Battery Tender cables and standard trickle chargers is that battery charging connectors automatically stop charging when the battery level is at full capacity. A standard trickle charger simply feeds juice to the battery at the same rate that it discharges no matter the fill level. This is somewhat different from \"smart\" chargers or three-stage chargers, which employ microtechnology to prevent overcharging once the battery is at capacity. In addition, both a smart charger and a Battery Tender cable resume charging as needed to keep your power supply at its peak.

What happens when the battery is fully charged?

When the battery reaches a full charge, the Battery Tender cable does not shut off but goes into safe float mode in which it delivers just enough charge to compensate for the batterys normal discharge. If you experience a power outage in your home, the tender will resume working when the power comes back on. Although Battery Tender cables take care of themselves in terms of regulating voltage to the battery, you should check the Battery Tender connectors periodically to make sure that they are snugly connected and working properly.

What if you do not have a nearby plug-in?

If you do not have a nearby outlet where you can plug in your battery connector cable, extension cords are available. You can find a variety of extension cords specially designed to work with your Battery Tender on eBay, including the following:

  • Battery Tender 6-foot extension lead
  • Battery Tender 12-foot extension lead
  • Battery Tender 25-foot extension lead
What are some of the optional Battery Tender accessories?

If you have a number of battery-charging needs, you can use Battery Tender accessories like the following to make sure all of your devices are covered:

  • 12-volt ring terminal cable quick disconnect for each battery
  • Cigarette lighter adapter for small electronics
  • USB charger, quick disconnect for devices with USB ports
  • DC power connector kit for DC power sources
  • Automatic 5-45-watt solar controller for solar charging
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