Battery Desulfator

A Battery Desulfator Buying Guide

Battery desulfators can help restore and prolong the life of your batteries, including critical batteries such as the one found in your car. The product has a number of uses that span different types of batteries, including 6-volt batteries and 12-volt batteries. On eBay, you can find a large selection of affordable battery desulfators to meet your needs.

How does a battery desulfator work?

A sulfate buildup can cause a battery to fail prematurely. When batteries discharge, they cause sulfate to build up on the battery plates. When this occurs, it interferes with normal battery function and prevents the battery from reaching its intended life. A battery desulfator sends a high-voltage pulse to the battery. This pulse breaks down the sulfate and restores normal function to the battery.

Are there many types of desulfation technology?

Battery desulfation is not a one-size-fits-all term. There are many different methods that can be used for battery desulfation. Some products offer frequency-based battery desulfation. There are other products that conduct desulfation by rapid voltage fluctuation. A third type of battery desulfation is square-wave technology.

What is square technology, and how does it work?

Square-wave technology directly attacks each crystal of lead sulfate. In a square-wave battery desulfator, signals are sent to each crystal, which causes them to break down into lead and sulfuric acid. This is a unique method that not only can prolong the life of the battery but also rejuvenate and restore the battery. As a result, the electrical charge can now be drawn straight from the battery.

What are some types of battery desulfators that are available?

New and used battery desulfators can be found on eBay. Some of the battery desulfators that are available on eBay include:

  • Battery Life Savers BLS-12/24-C: This high-powered desulfator even has models that can be used on batteries found in heavy trucks or other vehicles.
  • Pulsetech Battery Desulfator: Pulsetech makes battery desulfators for both military and commercial uses. This brand's consumer products can work on cars and light trucks, motorcycles, small boats, ATVs and off-roaders.
  • Cleanpower Blue: This is a lightweight and portable battery desulfator. It is able to be used on batteries of multiple different voltages. This model does not have a charger, but it is an effective model.
  • BatteryMinder 1510: This is a combination desulfator and charger. It can charge and desulfate up to four batteries at one time.