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Bath & Body Products as Mother's Day Gifts

A great way to celebrate Mother's Day can be by gifting your mom a day of complete relaxation. You can surprise her with her favorite bath and body products as Mother's Day gifts and make her happy. Choose from bath bombs, fizzies, body sprays, mists, bath brushes, sponges, and other such products that can be great for stocking up. You will also find a wide range of scents to choose from. Pick the one that you know she will like, keeping in mind her needs and preferences. You can also create a gift basket and include bath and body products from her favorite brand.

What Are the Differences between Body Washes, Scrubs, and Shower Gels?

Whether you use a body wash, scrub, or shower gel depends on personal preference. Body scrubs are often made with an element that exfoliates, such as salt or sugar, while washes and gels behave like typical soaps with lather. Body scrubs, because of the exfoliation, should not be used more than two or three times a week. Shower gels and body washes are ideal for everyday use.

How Do Bath Salts, Bombs, Fizzies, and Oils Differ?

Bath salts, bombs, fizzies, and oils all add a little something to the luxury of bathing, but they have some key differences in how they do it. Bath salts add fragrance and change the color of the water in your bath. This has been shown to improve mood and help relaxation. Bath bombs and fizzies release essential oils into bath water while dissolving in an effervescent fashion. Bath oils, which have been used by humans since the Stone Age, penetrate deep into the skin to promote skin rejuvenation.

Do Bath and Body Supplies Expire?

Most cosmetic products do not have expiration dates included on their packaging, but this does not mean that these products have an infinite shelf life. The United States does not require companies to put dates on beauty supplies except in the cases of sunscreen, acne products, and dandruff products. Some packaging includes expiration dates or contains a period after opening (PAO) date, which often is a picture of a jar with the number of months the product lasts written inside. When in doubt, check the shelf life of particular products, as dates vary widely. Shaving cream usually lasts two years, but mascara only lasts three months.