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How to Choose an Apple iPod Nano MP3 Player That's Right for You

The Apple iPod Nano is a portable media player that can store and play back audio and (in some models) video. Featuring a compact, minimalist design, this highly affordable media player can fit right in your pocket. You can find new, open-box, refurbished, and used Apple iPod Nano for sale at reasonable prices on eBay.

Reasons to buy an iPod Nano

The iPod Nano lets you listen to music, watch videos, or view pictures wherever you go. The exact number of files depends on the storage space of the device. This dedicated media player is a low-cost alternative to more all-purpose smartphones. It can recognize several different file types: most notably, MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, and (in some models) MP4 video.

How do you choose the right iPod Nano?

The Apple iPod Nano, released between 2005 and 2017, encompasses seven different generations. Each one has a different set of specifications and features depending on the price. See the manufacturer's site for details. Here is what you need to consider as you make your purchasing decision.

  • Display - The size and resolution of the screen can vary between generations. Later generations featured a larger, more detailed screen at a higher resolution.
  • Storage space - The size of the internal flash drive ranges from 1 GB or 4 GB in the first generation to 16 GB in later generations.
  • Video playback - The Apple iPod MP3 player introduced the ability to play video, starting with the third generation iPod Nanos. However, the exact video playback functionality may vary from one generation to another.
  • Connectivity - Every iPod Nano generation features a USB port. However, the seventh generation introduced a Lightning connector and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity.
  • Input - The Apple MP3 player replaced the iconic scroll wheel with an interactive multitouch screen starting with the sixth generation.
  • Features - Features may change quite a bit from one generation to another. For example, the fifth generation Nano has a built-in camera and microphone not present in other generations. Later generations also introduced a pedometer and fitness software.
  • Colors - The first generation Nano was only black and white. However, the second generation introduced blue, green, red, and pink colors. Later generations introduced an eclectic range of colors.

Can you play games or use apps on the iPod Nano?

The iPod Nano has a limited number of preinstalled apps and games. For instance, the previously mentioned fitness app can keep track of your running or fitness sessions.

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