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How to Select an iPhone

Bigger doesnt always necessarily mean better, at least when it comes to mobile phones. The palm-sized Apple iPhone SE is packed with functional features, making it an alternative to oversized phones for those who prefer a pocket-friendly device.

What are the Features of the iPhone SE?

This Apple iPhone may look little, but it has numerous user-friendly features that enhance your smartphone experience. For starters, you can select from colors that express your own aesthetic, including gold, silver, pink, and gray.

  • The iPhone features a four-inch, multi-touch Retina display for vibrant colors and crisp details. True Tone technology brings a spectrum of shades to life, making images look more realistic and colors more true-to-life.
  • The iPhone has been redesigned, and this model is made from bead-blasted aluminum to create a smooth, satin-like feel. The model is lightweight and ergonomic and fits into everything from a pocket or purse to your hand with little hassle.
  • Security is always an issue when it comes to technology, and the iPhone SE has that covered with its Touch ID system. This means that only your fingerprint can unlock your display, which gives you peace of mind when you use your mobile phone to pay for goods and services through Apple Pay, another convenient feature.

What Powers the SE?

Like most iPhones, the SE has much going on inside. With innovations that make the cell phone fast and efficient, using your Apple iPhone has become even more streamlined. The secret lies in the hardware of the phone, as well as in the iOS operating system.

  • The SE works using the A9 chip, a chip that increases speed and makes multitasking faster. The M9 motion coprocessor speeds up your GPU and enables you to give Siri voice commands, track your steps, and use your compass without worry.
  • The Wi-Fi-capable smartphone uses speedier LTE to make even the most graphics-intensive games or media a breeze to handle. Bluetooth compatibility offers wireless features, and you can sync up all your devices, such as your Apple Watch or other peripherals.
  • The iOS operating system offers everything you need for a complete phone experience. The user-friendly interface has plenty to offer, including a messaging system that lets you embed videos, links, and photos with one click, FaceTime availability, and plenty of apps to keep you connected.

Which Camera Features Are Available?

Some iPhone users are just in it for the camera, and the SE wont disappoint shutterbugs. For those who enjoy photography, the camera has plenty to offer.

  • The camera offers 12 MP for detailed images and shoots 4K video. You can edit images on the fly and store them all in your iCloud video library for convenient access.
  • Take Live Photos that offer a brief glimpse into a memory, with movement and audio together.
  • A brighter-than-average flash ensures that your photos have just the right amount of illumination, even in low light or at nighttime.

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