How to Shop for 32 GB iPhone 5s Smartphones

One of the leading brands of smartphone manufacturers, Apple iPhones have been a popular choice ever since they first hit the market. Packed full of features and seamless to use for most, the iPhone 5s makes it easy to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as staying connected with work and obligations. There are a few reasons to choose this iPhone device.

What Are Features of the Apple iPhone 5s 32GB?

There are several notable features of the mobile 5s phone from Apple, rendering it a worthwhile choice even several years after Apple released it.

  • iOS- This iPhone has an updatable and durable version of iOS, which is known as a stable, fairly virus-free operating system. You are also able to connect to the iTunes or app store to purchase or download apps, as well as the downloading of music or movies.
  • This mobile phone features both a front- and rear-facing camera. The front-facing allows pictures to be taken in 8 MP, while the rear-facing (selfie) camera offers 1.2 MP. Other features include touch focus, geo-tagging and face and smile detection.
  • The screen size of this phoneis 4 inches, with an HD screen resolution of 640 x 1136, offering brilliant sound quality on a medium-sized screen area.
  • Other features include Siri, use of iCloud, an audio, video and photo editor, as well as FaceTime, SMS and MMS messaging.
  • Color choicesinclude space gray, white/silver and gold

What Are Differences Between the 5c and 5s?

If youre wondering what the main differences are between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, youre not alone. This question has been asked many times, and there are some disinct differences between the two models. The 5s features the following, which the iPhone 5c does not have:

  • Motion co-processor- This tiny processor allows you to link to fitness apps to count your steps; or, it can act as a gyroscope, accelerator or compass.
  • Faster processor- The 5s has simply a faster processor than the 5c.
  • Fingerprint sensor- This extra security feature can help prevent your iPhone from being stolen, or it can offer extra security so no one else can access your iTunes.
  • Camera resolution and features- The 5s allows for slightly better resolution but it also offers distinct features such as Slo-Mo video and burst mode so you can take many photos at once.
  • Storage capacity- You can add to the 5s to bring your phone to a 64 GB phone, while the iPhone 5c stays at 32 GB.

When comparing the 5c, the 5c has these features, which the 5s does not:

  • Bright colors- the 5c is available in bright, neon colors, while the 5s only has several neutral options.

What Are Some Needed Smartphone Accessories?

When you go home with your new mobile phone, youll find that this Apple iPhone does come with accessories, such as earbuds and a charger but there may be several more things you want to complete your experience. Look for:

  • Dedicated headphones
  • Cases and screen protectors
  • Car chargers and adapaters
  • Skins

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