What You Need to Know About the Apple iPhone 5 Sprint Smartphone

The Sprint Apple iPhone 5 is one of the sixth generation devices designed and marketed by Apple. The iPhone 5 was released in September 2012. Its release was under the management of Tim Cook who had taken over from Steve Jobs. Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 5 had some major revolutions in its design which have been further accentuated to the iPhone 6. For example, it now had thinner bezels and was much lighter in weight.

In fact, the reception of this Sprint iPhone model was so great such that those that had iPhone 4 replaced them. The pre-order levels were 20 times those of the previous iPhone model.

What features does the Apple iPhone 5 possess?

  • The construction of the iPhone 5 device was done using aluminum which made the phone considerably durable than its predecessors.
  • It features a taller screen than the iPhone 4 although the screen aspect ration is almost similar.
  • In terms of processing speed, the A1429 iPhone model clocks at 1.2GHz which does not lag or hang. This is due to the proclaimed superiority of their RAM, which has been in existence over the years.
  • The Sprint iPhone is restricted in terms of network coverage. There is a mechanism using the IMEI number which can unlock your iPhone so that it can be usable by other network service providers. Besides, you can use a carrier that allows you to shift.
  • The iPhone 5 uses a nano sim card which is LTE enabled hence you can enjoy fast internet speeds.
  • The iPhone 5 can support IOS versions 6,7,8,9 and 10. Whichever version yours is running, you can always update it using a WiFi network to move on to the next version. Different versions have some advancements. For example, it might be security updates or to fix some bugs.
  • There are different storage choices for this iPhone including 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. They use the iCloud which allows you to recover data even if you change the phones.
  • The screen resolution of the device is quite decent since it's at 1136x640 thanks to the small screen of 4-inch which allows Apple to stack pixels on the LCD.
  • The iPhone 5 device has two cameras: an 8 MP back and 2 MP front, which are fine-tuned to eliminate any image noise. They are also clear since they have an f/2.0 aperture that significantly increases light sensitivity. The result is brighter images with more accurate colors. The true tone flash at the back of the device allows you to take decent photos even in the dark. The good part is that it's determined by the color temperature around then self-adjusts.

How and where can I purchase my Sprint iPhone 5?

There are various Apple dealer shops where you can buy this device. Some are online where its either pre-paid or on cash terms. Besides, if you are unable to buy a brand new device, some shops allow you to trade-in with your current phone.

Another purchase option is using installments where you do partial payments to the vendor. After the purchase of your new device, you can then activate it to make it usable.

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