How to Choose a Silicone, Gel or Rubber Case for an iPhone 5

Cases are an important part of phone ownership and a decision that people take very seriously. There are phone cases with purely aesthetic designs, others to offer protection of your most prized possession, and some that add functionality to your device. The iPhone 5 by Apple is one of the older styles of smartphone but one that requires protection nonetheless, and choosing a silicone, gel or rubber case is a great option.

Are There Different Styles of Silicone Cases?

Choosing a case for your phone usually means prioritizing one of its features over the rest. Some might prefer to shop for an aesthetically pleasing case with a design that suits them, and others are after complete protection so would look for features like anti-scratch or shock-absorption. Here are a few different styles and features available on these cases.

  • Sizes: There are slim, ultra-thin, and heavy-duty cases available, with the heavier ones usually offering more armor.
  • Style: Different styles include holster, wallet, bumper, skins, cases, and covers.
  • Model: Suitable for both the 5 and 5s, you'll need to make sure the case matches your phone model and allow for charger and headphones to connect.
  • Design: There are many options of gel and silicone cases including transparent, colorful designs, patterns, and solid colors.
  • Material: Gel, rubber, and silicone are popular choices of case but there are some hybrids including TPU which uses a mixture of hard plastic and soft silicone.
  • Protective features: Those wanting a case for protection might like to choose one that's anti-theft, has a bumper, screen protector, or is shockproof and weatherproof.

What Are the Benefits of These Materials?

There are many different iPhone cases available, but those using silicone, gel, and rubber have a few advantages. Depending on the specific case that you choose, these are some of the benefits you can expect from these materials:

  • Softness: Silicone and gel are particularly soft and flexible which makes them more comfortable to use, especially when speaking on the phone.
  • Strength: Although they are usually soft, these materials are quite durable as a case cover and hard to penetrate.
  • Waterproof: Rubber and silicone are both waterproof materials which means they can protect your phone from damage, depending on the style of case cover.
  • Shockproof: A rubber, gel, silicone or TPU case can be anti-shock and protective so if you drop your Apple accidentally it's likely to withstand the impact and not break or scratch the screen.

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