Apple Boost Mobile Smartphones

With the rise of smartphones like iPhones, staying locked into one provider or another is no longer necessary. Boost Mobile is one carrier that works with many smartphones in the market because it provides free activation for most new phones.

What phone models are compatible with Boost Mobile?

The majority of iPhone models are compatible with this provider. However, not every provider variation can be used with Boost. For example, only the Apple iPhone 5s and 5c from Verizon will work with the service. The carrier allows devices to be activated on the network under its bring-your-own-device feature.

The Apple models that work on the service include:

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
How do you activate another network’s handset on Boost Mobile?

Activating a handset for use on Boost Mobile is a fairly straightforward process. It can be completed using the activation tool on the Boost website. There is an activation code included in the box. Generally speaking, handsets from other providers, like T-Mobile or Sprint, must first be unlocked before coming to Boost. Some providers, like Verizon, do not lock phones to their service, but this is not the case with all services. Apple does produce completely unlocked phones too.

How do you unlock a smartphone to use on Boost?

First, your account with the old provider must be in good standing. This means that no past due service balances can be due on the phone. Likewise, the device itself must not have any payments owed on it. The service account must be active for a certain amount of days. This varies by the provider, so be sure to look at your specific provider requirements prior to attempting to change the phone to another provider.

Unlocking a phone for any provider, including Boost, involves submitting an unlock request to your current provider. If the request is approved, you will receive a PIN number that can be entered to release the phone. Verizon does not require a PIN, nor does a factory unlocked phone. All that has to be done is to insert a new SIM card and to activate the phone appropriately.

Most providers, like T-Mobile or Sprint, have a similar policy in order to get a handset off their services. Apple isn't a provider, so an unlocked phone from the factory is exempt.