What You Need to Know About Alkaline AA Single-Use Batteries

Alkaline batteries provide long-lasting power for electronics. There are a variety of battery types available on the market today. Alkaline AA single-use batteries are used in various kinds of electronic equipment.

What are some brands of alkaline AA single-use batteries?

Single-use AA batteries are associated with a variety of brands, including:

  • Energizer
  • Duracell
  • Rayovac
  • Panasonic
  • Maxell
Do single-use batteries expire, and when should they be replaced?

Single-use AA batteries do have expiration dates. This date is listed inside of a small label located on the exterior part of the battery. It includes the suggested date it will need to be used by. Single-use AA batteries will also need to be replaced in the course of time. Factors that determine if AA batteries need to be replaced are:

  • Environment and weather
  • How fast the electronic device uses power from the battery
  • The size, output, and performance of the battery
  • Breakage or damage
  • How often the device is used
What are the parts of AA batteries?

A battery is made up of several parts. Each part works to help with producing electrical energy and chemical reactions. This enables a AA cell to power or charge devices. Both sides are connected by an electrical circuit. The parts of a AA or other size battery include:

  • Container: the battery's steel housing
  • Cathode: these are the electrodes, located on the positive side (+)
  • Anode: oxidized electrodes powered by zinc, located on the negative side (-)
  • Separator: these are separated electrodes
  • Electrodes: The electrodes host the electrochemical reaction
  • Collector: a brass pin for conduction of electricity
How do you care for Alkaline batteries?

The ways you can properly care for AA batteries include:

  • Insert the batteries into the intended device properly
  • Keep battery surfaces clean and away from liquids
  • Turn the device off when not in use
  • Until use, store batteries in a cool, dry area
What are some devices that use alkaline AA single-use batteries?

Alkaline batteries, like those from Duracell and Energizer, give power to items like toys, flashlights, and remote control devices. Despite being made by different manufacturers, all brands of AA alkaline batteries are the same shape and size. Alkaline batteries garner power from manganese dioxide and zinc. Some of the brands of batteries to include EcoAdvanced and MAX from Energizer and AA CopperTop and AA Quantum from Duracell. Among the devices that use alkaline AA single-use batteries are:

  • Portable phone chargers
  • Smoke detectors
  • Game controllers
  • Small power hand tools
  • Portable grooming tools