Since 1993, Advocare has been selling Advocare Catalyst dietary supplements, workout enhancers, and protein drinks for building muscle. You can also find energy drinks, supplements to cleanse your digestive system, and capsules with ingredients to aid in weight loss. If you're interested in trying a new supplement, take a look and find an Advocare product that may aid in your regimen.

Does Advocare have items for the 24-day challenge?

The 24-day challenge is a combination of Advocare products as well as an eating plan. The plan includes:

  • Cleansing - The first 10 days of the challenge consist of cleansing your digestive system with ProBiotic Restore, Herbal Cleanse, and their proprietary fiber capsules. This is meant to be combined with healthy eating.
  • Fueling - The rest of the challenge is designed to fuel your body, retain muscle, and provide a foundation of nutrition. You'll use the MNS supplements, shakes as meal replacements, and energy drinks.
  • Eating - Throughout the entire weight loss challenge, you're encouraged to eat nutritious meals with lots of protein and fiber. Optional supplements include the Advocare Catalyst and probiotic capsules.
What artificial sweetener ingredients are used in Advocare supplements?

Advocare uses a variety of common sweeteners in their Catalyst, Spark, and other weight-loss products, such as:

  • Erythrital - This artificial sweetener is a sugar alcohol that is meant to be used in baking. It can be used the same way as regular sugar while having almost no calories.
  • Sucralose - Sucralose is over 300 times sweeter than sugar. It is made using a chemical process that involves chlorination, followed by molecular processes that create a calorie-free sweetener.
  • Xylitol - Similar to erythrital, this sweetener is a sugar alcohol. It has 2/3 the calories of sugar while being safe for those with diabetes.
What ingredients are in Advocare Catalyst?

Catalyst contains amino acids such as glutamine, leucine, isoleucine, valine, and arginine. These amino acids are then combined with taurine, gelatin, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide. The ingredients in Advocare Catalyst are designed to maintain your energy levels and muscles while reducing the amount of food you eat. The amino acids are meant to help your muscles recover and repair themselves at a faster pace after an intense workout.

What flavors is Advocare Spark available in?

The energy drink is available in a variety of flavors such as grape, cherry, mango, strawberry, limeade, and fruit punch. Each of these flavors is available in sticks for 20-ounce water bottles. You can also find them in 10-ounce canisters for mixing bulk amounts.