A Quick Guide to AT&T Prepaid Cards

Whether you are looking to refill or top-up your current AT&T cell phone, eBay has the prepaid card you need. Browse through eBay's huge inventory of AT&T prepaid refill cards to easily find the right one for you. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers to help you decide on the right card before you buy.

Do AT&T prepaid cards expire?

Most of AT&T refill and top-up prepaid cards do expire. This means, for example, that if you are on a $45 plan and you purchase a 30-day card, your cell phone service will stop 30 days after entering the card information onto your account. If you were to buy the exact same 30-day card with a $45 amount on it but you pay per minute, then your cell phone service will expire after 30 days or when you have used up the $45 worth of airtime, whichever happens first. You can select AT&T prepaid cards with the following expiration time ranges:

  • 30-59 days
  • 60-74 days
  • 75-119 days
  • 300-365 days
  • Unlimited
Does AT&T have prepaid plans?

As well as offering pay-by-the-minute options at 10 cents per minute, unlimited cards, and cards with up to 1,000 minutes, AT&T also has several monthly plan options available for consumers to choose from. All monthly plans come with multi-line discounts and unlimited texting. Plan details and additional features are:

  • $35/month: The $35 a month prepaid cell phone plan includes 1GB of data with any unused data rolling over to the following month, mobile hotspot, and ability to stream HD video content.
  • $50/month: The $50 a month plan includes everything above plus unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada.
  • $65/month: This plan has all the features of the ones above plus unlimited data usage.
  • $85/month: This plan includes everything from the previous three plans as well as a 10GB mobile hotspot.
  • Check product details for additional information on monthly plan options.
What cell phone brands can be used with prepaid cards?

AT&T prepaid refill and top-up cards are for AT&T Go phones and AT&T Straight Talk phones. AT&T does allow for some compatible cell phones to be switched over to their cellular network. You can find out if your cell phone qualifies to be switched by checking with an AT&T representative. If your cell phone is currently a part of the AT&T Network, then you can use any of the affordable AT&T refill or top-up prepaid cards available on eBay.

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