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    December 05, 2017

    Top notch performer!

    Awesome system! Very quiet, super duper fast. ASUS put the best 1 terabyte drive they could find, feels almost like a SSD. Complete boot from start is less than 15 seconds, and it Windows 10 fast start is NOT enabled. Very light, about 21.7 lbs. It does accept a full length PCI-E graphics card, I have a GTX 1050 ti installed and runs without any issues, on the original power supply, which is a meager 350w but it does the job. For serious gaming you may consider replacing the PSU but for games like World of Warplanes, Dreadnaught, War Thunder and World of Tanks it does just fine, no overheating, no black screens. Have used some pretty intensive Excel macros and the 7400 breezes thru. On my work computer (third gen. i3) I wait the better part of a whole minute, while my ASUS M32CD-B12 does it in under 10 seconds. Quality is top notch. Only gripe is that to add a card you have to break the warranty seal and it's yours, baby! you own it. Getting rid of the rear slot cover was also a pain, lot harder than with other cases. I long for the days when these covers were screwed on, didn't have to pry them open.

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    November 11, 2017

    Best computer I have ever owned

    this computer is quiet and fast and I am getting use to windows 10 I made a good buy on this machine

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